Empowa Community Collab: Staking

The context for the staking discussion

  • If we took it from the housing fund we limit our ability to reward collectors for financing the delivery of homes which is long-term negative for the project.
  • If we took it from the team fund, we would have less to attract and retain the talent needed to build out the ecosystem since everyone at Empowa has a significant percentage of the remuneration paid in EMP with a 3-year vesting period.
  • Increase the % of the price accepted in EMP for all NFTs
  • Increase the % of EMP for those who hold the FC NFT or the WMT NFT or both
  • Have a sliding scale where the majority are sold in ADA with a small percentage of the price in EMP. But others are sold for different amounts of EMP but in smaller quantities
  • We are also open to other suggestions that could work.



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